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This Game was made for GMTK jam, and the used theme was Genre without one of the core mechanics. and so, Formstealer is a Stealth game which the player can't be stealthy.

You control the Formstealer, a giant monster which has the ability to shapeshift into the person it ate. The only way to advance is to fool people by turning into their friends and bypassing them.

You have to be careful because regarding of its size formstealer is pretty vulnerable and can be killed by bullets. and humans will notice him unless there is a wall in between. soldiers will attempt to kill him while civilians try to alert nearest soldiers.

**When the zombie apocalypse broke, humans take cautions and captured the cause, queen zombie. and you, formstealer is the only way to save her from the military base.**


W-S-A-D to Walk, Left-Click to Attack, to Transform kill a human and Right-Click while on the corpse, there is a limited time where you can be that human. Right-Click or wait to Transform back.

Go to the gates Gate in game to advance to the next level.

Right now there are only 3 levels, and the story isn't implemented.

Formstealer was made entirely in game maker studio by me, all of the sprites & background was still made in GMS.
SFX was created using bfxr, there are four soundtracks in-game(none of them made or owned by me) : 

    please give your thoughts and suggestions about the game, thank you for playing.

    StatusIn development
    Release date Sep 09, 2018
    GenreAction, Strategy
    Made withGameMaker: Studio
    Tags2D, Horror, Monsters, Singleplayer, Stealth, Top-Down
    Average sessionAbout a half-hour
    InputsKeyboard, Mouse

    Install instructions


    Version 1.0.0 is the version for the Jam,  made entirely in 48 hours, It doesn't have much content and has unfinished features. 

    1. Download
    2. Unzip
    3. Click the Application
    4. Experience


    Formstealer V2.zip 14 MB
    Formstealer V1.zip 6 MB

    Development log